les petites villages de France

Overlooking a small town perched ontop of a green hill in the south of France, eating a croissant aux almondes and wondering how places like this exist. We traversed down south, conquering the tiny winding roads in the parc nationaux de Luberon and found ourselves in Gordes; a small semi-medieval-looking town built a-top a green hillside.



Weekends in France are a different world, especially when you’re in a quaint little town and tourist season is nearly over. Despite waking early to travel east to Rousillon and find breakfast, we were instead welcomed into a quiet atmosphere by a lonesome but friendly black cat. We busied ourselves by wandering the village, distracting our stomachs from the thought of food. When the cafés eventually opened to serve food and more and more people entered the tiny streets, we found some breakfast/early lunch of pain grilles, confiture et des cafés.


Bypassing the highway turned out to be an experience in itself: getting confused down the smaller streets and driving through the quiet towns was a scenic wonder. We found ourselves in another tiny village on Sunday afternoon and had to stop to capture it. The small stream running under the bridge was about the only life in the town – and the touring motorcycle group, of course. The town looked like a painting with the colourful buildings perfectly in a line overlooked by the towering mountains all around.





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