A Christmas Adventure I: Neuschwanstein Castle


Perched a-top a snow covered landscape sits Neuschwanstein Castle, a name near impossible to pronounce but full of mystery all the same. We wound our way up the icy covered path, toes nearly reaching the point of frostbite and beanies covered in glitter snow circling the air. The forest surrounding us is vast rows of green moss and tall trees pointing to the castle – a surprising contrast to the snowy town below which is covered in a white blanket by the time we reach the lookout. An array of horses struggle up the path, pulling cold travellers who couldn’t bear the walk.


King Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the castle and adorned the interiors with halls of red and gold, rows and rows of candles and large paintings on every wall. Due to an unfortunate death, Ludwig only spent 11 nights in the castle, leaving it as a symbol of Romanticism and of courseĀ for Disney’s own magical icon.



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