A Christmas Adventure II: Austria



Our first day in Salzburg started with the first snowfall of the season. White covered alleyways lit up with golden street lights as we browsed through the Christmas market stalls of white and red decorations with smells of fresh pastries in the air.

Snow filled our last day in Salzburg too, this time a top a mountain gazing across Austria and Germany in the not-too-far distance. Fog lay resting in the sky making it difficult to distinguish between snow and cloud. We hiked up to the highest point we could find, with a few trips and falls in the snow along the way due to the lack of a marked pathway. The sun warmed the air and our bodies, despite the freezing temperatures of the ground at our feet.


Vienna welcomed us with white streets, white trees and below freezing temperatures. We found refuge in cafes, schnitzel restaurants and a surprising butterfly sanctuary which was drowned in golden sunlight. We wandered through the artworks of Klimt at the Belvedere Palace, gazing in wonder at The Kiss and numerous other pieces draped in gold. Later we payed a visit to Freud at Berggasse 19 after warming up with coffee and browsing in second hand book stores.




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  1. salutmarinnn says:

    I love it ! :)))))))) and the butterfly pics turned out so nice too!


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