A Christmas Adventure III: Prague




Prague welcomed us with its beauty and intrigue from the moment we arrived. Our little airBnB was hidden down an alley way, not far from the city centre. The streets are covered in graffiti, contrasting the charm that lingers in the atmosphere. Many moments were spent in street cafes drinking fresh peppermint tea, hot chocolates and hiding from the icy cold air outside and the light snow drifting down.

A lone musician played in front of the John Lennon wall, greeting strangers who came to pose with the colours and words of freedom laced across the bricks. Not far away, on the Charles Bridge, the sunset greeted us across the water, drowning the city in golden hues as birds danced in the sky.  We kept wandering and found ourselves surrounded by smells of hot doughnuts, mulled wine and cinnamon with lights hung around the market stalls. The famous Prague Christmas tree towered over the people filling the city square as they ate the culinary delights in the golden hours.



Christmas Day was a whirlwind of champagne breakfast, gingerbread snacks and late night walks in the lit up streets after too much wine and food. We ate and drank and celebrated in a home away from home with fellow Australian friends. Food filled the table, wine filled our glasses and laughter filled the air. The magic of European Christmas did not disappoint…



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